Watch this video called “Navigation” from Dynamic Catholic – you can pause it at 7 mins 02 secs (when teens enter the church)

“Often you can see the powerlines running alongside the street. Unless current is flowing through them, there is no light. The powerline is you and I! The current is God! We have the power either to allow the current to flow through us and thus generate the light of the world: Jesus – or refuse to be used and thus to allow the darkness to spread”.
(Saint Mother Teresa)

Switch it On!

As you see in the video, we are all on a journey and we have an in-built navigation system to help us – The Holy Spirit, Reason and Conscience. And then we have Mother Theresa’s description to the left here – that we are like a powerline, but that we need current to pass. These images are connected.

Confirmation preparation is the means by which you will learn more about how to allow God’s current to flow through you and make full use of that in-built navigation system to become more fully the person you were created to be. Electricity is potent when is it “live” – so be prepared to switch it on!

You have already taken the first step when you decided to join this programme. But the handful of sessions we will have together can only cover so much. There’s one more thing that YOU have to do and it is crucial. It also involves an invitation: You must invite God in, to do His work in you!

The starting point…not the ending point!

Confirmation is the starting point. Powerlines can go on for miles and miles and this is just the beginning. Be ready to be a collaborator with the Holy Spirit. The gifts that you will receive at Confirmation will help you to keep that current flowing and harness God’s power!

To the Parents

Thank you for the support you have already given your child to take this important step. Of course, it is essential that the choice to commit to this needs to be theirs alone. However, they need your support! They will get so much more from the confirmation programme if you also make this a journey you go on together. Show some interest, ask questions together, look at some of the online resources available to them – you may well learn something yourself.

You might feel that your own faith is dormant or you may worry that you are not worthy to assist them – maybe because of a lack of confidence or your own personal struggles. However, do not be discouraged! You have been called – Being their parent in itself qualifies you!

If you are encouraging, they will feel encouraged! If you are interested, they, too, will take interest. If you take time to pray, they will take inspiration to try it for themselves… This could be a new start for you too!


All the dates of this year’s sessions

  • Session One: 7 November 2021
  • Session Two: 5 December 2021
  • Session Three: 9 January 2022
  • Session Four: 6 February 2022
  • Session Five: 6 March 2022
  • Session Six: 24 April 2022
  • Reco Service: March 2022 Date TBC
  • Retreat Day: June 2022 Date TBC
  • Confirmation Mass: 2022 – Date TBC

What now?

  • Put Sunday 7 November in your diary!
  • Read chapter one this week – called “Getting Started” – in your new YouCat Confirmation Book (p.8-15)
  • Look carefully at the Confirmation Responsibilities Sheet and email Sophie with your preferences by Friday 5 November 2021 AT THE LATEST

***NB: Regarding choosing your Confirmation responsibility***

There’s a new charity fund-raising responsibility added to the list of options. Please re-read the list and fill in the reply slip or send your email with your preferences. Thank you!