The Reality of Sin and Jesus' Rescue

Confirmation Programme Session 2

Before the session…

To Watch…

In this video, Fr Rob Galea, explores the evidence for the existence of Jesus.

It’ll only take 7 mins of your time 🙂

To Read…

In session 2 we cover a lot of ground! Our session will be based on Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 of your YouCat Confirmation Book. Before the Session, try and read through Chapters 3 & 4 and you can read the rest after the session…

Chapter 3 – “Why the World is Broken” p.24-29

Chapter 4 – “Jesus – More than Mere Man” p.30-35

To Think About…

As you read, just take a few moments to think:

  • What is a sin? In what ways do we break our relationship with God?
  • Who is Jesus to me?

During the session…

Content coming soon!

Don’t forget! If you haven’t already, please do email me to give me your preferences for the confirmation responsibility you’d like to do this year ASAP.

And please remember to make your contribution for the confirmation book too. Many thanks!

After the session…


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