Dear parents and carers

Our thanks to all of you for taking on the extra pressure of finding space and time during this pandemic to ensure your child has been able to complete their I Belong preparation book. We hope that the online resources on offer supported you in assisting your child with their understanding, whilst we have not been able to undertake our normal face to face sessions with the children.

With the complexities of rolling out this year’s programme and the need to undertake it online, we would very much welcome your feedback on what has worked and what hasn’t worked, so we can learn from this and look at how we shape the programme for 2022.

We would like your honest and constructive feedback by 31 July 2021.

FHC Team

Question 1

Thinking about the FHC 2021 Programme in general:

Question 2

Thinking about the I Belong Children’s Book and Parent’s Guide Book:

Question 3

Thinking about the FHC web pages overall:
3b) How useful were the different elements that made up the resource pages for each chapter?
Very satisfied
Not satisfied
Did not use
Parent’s Guide Sheets
Videos provided
Additional Suggested Activities/Resources and Printable Sheets
Children’s Activity Sheets
Online Quizzes
Features of St Joseph’s Church Image Gallery

Question 4

Thinking about the parent’s online Zoom meetings:

Question 5