FHC 2021 Online Programme

This online course is based on the I Belong book by the Redemptorists. It is supplemented by resources developed and compiled by the catechetical team of the Catholic parish of Bishop’s Stortford.

Welcome to the First Holy Communion Programme 2021. This year, the pandemic has challenged us to deliver the entire programme online. The course is still based on the book I Belong and it is split into six sessions with the sessions covering two chapters of the book, apart from the last session which covers only one chapter. This portal aims to give parents everything they need to go over the chapters with their child, with support from our catechists, Fr Antonio and Sophie Sullivan (our catechetical co-ordinator).

Each session will go live two weeks before the deadline for its completion (as listed in the schedule below or you can also download the schedule). Please note that children are required to complete an online quiz after each chapter, the link to which are provided below and also on individual sessions’ page. The parents’ guide sheets (which contain most of the materials covered on this portal) can also be downloaded below for easy reference.

Special Mass for FHC Children

A special Mass for ALL FHC children will be held today (26 June 2021) at 10:00 am via live streaming. All of the children expecting to receive FHC in October are expected to watch the Mass. There will also be important announcements for parents.

FHC Survey

What did you think of this year’s FHC programme? Did you find the online resources useful? Give us your opinions by completing the FHC survey and help us improve the programme for next year.

Donations for FHC Books

We ask for a suggested donation to £20 to cover the costs of your child’s FHC book and parent’s guide (which are yours to keep), as well as the provision of other resources throughout the programme. More details.

The Sessions

Each session will be populated two weeks before the deadline for its completion. For a list of deadlines, see the schedule table below.

Session One

``In the Name of the Father`` and ``Lord, Have Mercy``


Session Two

``Celebrating our Rescue`` and ``God Helps Me Get it Right``


Session Three

``Glory to God in the Highest`` and ``The Word of the Lord``


Session Four

``Bread to Offer`` and ``Fruit of the Vine``


Session Five

``Do This in Memory of Me`` and ``Body of Christ``


Session Six

``To Love and to Serve``


Deadlines for finishing each session.

  • Session One:
    23 January 2021
  • Session Two:
    6 February 2021
  • Session Three:
    27 February 2021
  • Session Four:
    13 March 2021
  • Session Five:
    27 March 2021
  • Session Six:
    17 April 20201

Parents' Guide Sheets

The guide sheets are available in PDF.

Online Quizzes

The online quizzes are compulsory.

Children's Sheets

Fun activity sheets for children.

Features of St Joseph Church

This gallery features images from St Joseph. Complementing themes from the FHC programme, it will grow as the course progresses.