Debbie Jackson

Parish Administrator

01279 654 063

I thought I’d write a poem to share my tale with you,
to give a little insight about the job I love to do.
I’ve been the parish admin for six years plus and more,
a Stortford girl born and raised in the town I just adore.

I keep the office going and our Fathers on their toes,
organising all the papers to maintain a happy flow.
I love to chat and natter with parishioners far and wide,
by email, zoom, letter or phone, in person, you decide.

Typing the weekly newsletter and the Sunday message sheet,
paying bills and booking dates for the parish groups who meet.
Planning all the baptisms, weddings, and funerals with prayers,
supporting families in their time of need, showing how much I care.

Acting as the Safeguarding Rep to protect our young and old,
solving issues, mopping floors, posting web links yet untold.
Fixing blips on livestream and teaching CPR,
a guardian of the defib box and the fogging machine Poohbah

Always busy and on the go, I have the best job in the land,
to serve the Lord in such a way, being guided by His hand.
My cartoon image and sense of fun, portrays a happy me,
my hours are Monday to Friday, from nine am till three.

So, come and see me for anything, I’ll do my best for you,
to help and guide you in your quest and show what I can do
You’ve chosen a smashing parish, to live and spend your days,
with faithful friends and Priests who care, to see you on your way.

Please look around our website and see what’s going on,
we run a full packed diary, from prayer groups to singing songs.
The Catholic Parish of Stortford is a very special place,
and we welcome you, with open arms, in peace and with God’s grace.