Shining Examples of Holiness and Goodness
Catholic Saints

Catholics venerate the saints and look to them as examples of lives well lived in the faith.


ne of the greatest treasures of the Catholic Church is the holiness of its members. Among the members of the Catholic Church, there is a small and noble group of people that stand out as shining examples of holiness and goodness. These are people who have given everything for the love of God and neighbour, have been tried in the fires of persecution and have made choices throughout their lives that were in union with the holy will of God. These holy men and women are the canonised Catholic saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

The saints of the Church are a diverse group of people with varied and interesting stories. Their ranks include martyrs, kings and queens, missionaries, widows, theologians, parents, nuns and priests, and “everyday people” who dedicated their lives to the loving pursuit of God. Religious and non-religious people alike have found inspiration from their lives, particularly in the stories of saints who devoted themselves in service to the poor, sick, and disenfranchised, such as St Mother Teresa and St Vincent de Paul, among others. Many of the saints who were persecuted for their faith, such as St Stephen and St Perpetua, showed remarkable forgiveness and patiently suffered through their trials and tortures. Some are revered for their simplicity and humility, including St. Francis of Assisi and St Thérèse of Lisieux. Several, notably St Thomas Aquinas and St Augustine, were writers and thinkers who shaped Western thought for centuries.

Below you will find links to short biographies of some of our saints. We add to it regularly, so if your favourite saint is not yet included, let us know!