Jesus is the Word of God.

When we listen to the readings at Mass, Jesus speaks to us in a special way! A wonderful thing to do each week is to spend time thinking about the readings together, regardless of whether your family are able to attend church or not.

The readings can help us to think about our lives and give us challenges or encouragement through the messages we hear, as well as giving us hope for the future.

Jesus comes close to us when we really take time to experience him as the Living Word! So let’s dive in….

The Gospel Reading This Week

Colour and Shape

For younger children


This week’s episode

Eleanor is a Catholic mum who has created regular weekly videos to break open the Sunday Gospel reading. The accompanying webpage also provides prayer ideas, a music playlist and an activity to do based on each week’s Gospel reading. This will help you to remain connected with the rhythm of the church calendar week by week and provide you, as parents, with a invaluable toolbox of resources to help you share faith with confidence with your children. Parents can also sign up to join the Colour and Shape online community, where you will be able to link up with like-minded individuals and tap into other great resources and courses.

Questions to think about – Mark 10: 42-45

I wonder which part you like best?
I wonder which part is the most important?
I wonder which part is most about you?
I wonder which part could be left out and still have all we needed?

How did Jesus serve other people?

Why does Jesus say that we should also serve, rather than be served?

Can you think of any examples of good leadership?

How do you already serve those around you? What else could you do?

The Mark 10 Mission

The Mark 10 Mission – For older children
This week’s episode

For slightly older children (8-13yrs), the Mark 10 Mission is a great quality, home-grown British offering, supported by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. The episodes offer a reflection on the Sunday Gospel, as well as a song. This resource has been used at St Joseph’s school, so some of our young parishioners may already be familiar with it – but these are wonderful episodes to view as a family and to watch again and again! As well as watching the latest episode above, you might also like to re-visit older episodes here

Children's Mass Sheet Archive

“Look” Children’s Activity Sheets

We have a weekly children’s liturgy sheet that young children may enjoy completing, which includes games, puzzles and colouring to help children understand what God is saying to us each week.

NB Downloads contain all four Sunday of each month for you to print at home

“Ichthus” Mass Sheets

Ichthus is a weekly sheet to help older children follow the readings from Sunday Mass. The page makes the parts of the Mass easy to follow and includes prayer and reflection points, as well as some interesting facts connected to that Sunday’s theme.

NB Downloads contain all four Sundays of each month for you to print at home