Let us reflect on the past year and look forward to the next

After a very challenging year, a number of us may be approaching the New Year with some trepidation, especially as the way ahead in 2021 does not seem particularly clear or hopeful, especially where COVID-19 is concerned.

However, as Christians, we do have hope. Jesus’ birth at Christmas reminds us that light illumines the darkness and now – at New Year’s Eve – we must look ahead, as the magi did on their journey to Bethlehem and kept their eyes fixed on the star, with trust of a better tomorrow.

Here are a few reflections which may help you to reflect on your year that’s been and put into place some good spiritual habits that will help to give real purpose to 2021, bringing Jesus to the centre, in spite of any storms that maybe swirling around you.

Sophie Sullivan, Catechetical Co-ordinator

Reflection Points

In the Year 2020

  • What have been the biggest challenges for me during 2020?
  • Where have I experienced blessings during 2020?
  • Who has been a special person for me this past year and why?
  • Where can I see God’s graces at work in my life this past year?
  • In which areas do I need to invite God in to do his work of healing and renewal?

In the Year 2021

  • What prayerful or spiritual habit will I adopt this year to help me grow?
  • What time or space in my day or week will I set aside to prayer and reflection?
  • Is there a person or group of people that I can commit to supporting this year in a special way?
  • Is there a person, group of people or organisation that I need to reach out to for extra help/ support in an area I am struggling with?


Lord, I pray that – on the eve of this new year of 2021 – I can place my life, my struggles and my concerns into your hands. Please grant me, in return, your deep joy, where I can know your constant care for me and for those I love. Help me to stand up to challenges, knowing that I can call on you for the strength that I need and help me to nurture a spirit of gratitude in all the experiences of the coming year.


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