Easter Sunday: What is it all about?

Jesus is risen – He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


What a joyful day! Today we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. A day we remember as the highpoint in our lives as Christians. By rising from the dead, Jesus showed us that he has conquered death and promises new life to all!

Today we hear in the Gospel how the friends of Jesus go sorrowfully to the tomb. Amazingly, the stone had been rolled away and they realise that Jesus is risen! What joy they must have felt, as they ran to tell the other disciples the good news! What hope and gladness must have filled their hearts.

Let us allow our hearts to be filled with joy, hope and gladness today 🙂

If you buried your Alleluias during Lent, don’t forget to dig them up today and enjoy treating yourselves on this special day of celebration!

You can find the story of Easter Sunday in Mark 16: 1-7, Matthew 28: 1-10 or John 20: 1-9

Craft Activity

Making a Resurrection Garden with Julie from This beautiful Farm Life

Drawing an Easter Cross, with Lacy Lynch from Catholic Icing

In the Catholic Church, the Season of Easter starts today and lasts for 50 days. so, this is a perfect activity to do as a family today. If you want to use the suggestion from the video of growing grass in the garden, you’ll be able to watch it grow throughout the coming days – a wonderful sign of the new life that Jesus’ resurrection brings!

For more ideas about how your Easter garden could look, Lacy at Catholic Icing also shares her suggestions for a resurrection garden, using a plant pot, instead of a stone. Do take a look, so you have plenty of ideas to help you make your own!

Alternative craft Ideas

Make a rainbow Easter cross

Cut out your own resurrection scene

Easter Sunday Colouring Pages

(see below)

A Prayer to Say

You are risen from the dead and you are Lord!


Thank you, Jesus, that you rose form the dead!

Thank you, Jesus, that you died to give me new life!

Thank you, Jesus, that you promise a new beginning everyday.

Help me to always be grateful for my life.

Help me to recognise all the ways you bless me.

I love you, Jesus!



Songs for Today

Lord, I Lift your Name on High by Rick Founds

Everybody Everywhere by Jana Alayra