Good Friday: What is it all about?

Good Friday is a solemn day.

There is no Mass on Good Friday. Instead we have a service called the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, where we read again about the suffering and death of Jesus from one of the Gospels. One of the main things we would do is to adore the cross of Jesus, by kissing it. This year, we cannot participate as we normally would. But why do we do that anyway?

Well, although it is a symbol of suffering, we know that the cross was the way God chose to save us. That’s why we call this day “Good”, even though it was a sad day. We know that his death was not the end of the story….And kissing the cross shows our love of Jesus and expresses our thanks for his sacrifice.

The most sacred hours during Good Friday are from 12 noon to 3:00 pm, because this is when Jesus was on the cross. They’re sometimes known as the three hours of agony. During this time, you may like to try and hold a silence in your home (to the best of your ability). Turn off phones, TV, and other devices. Maybe you could pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary, read from the Bible, or quietly draw or colour a religious picture, to help you meditate on the suffering and death of Jesus.

St Joseph’s will be open for private prayer between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm if your family would like to come and pray in church.

You can find the story of Good Friday in John 18: 1 – 19: 42

This longer Gospel Reading is called the Passion, which is the story of Jesus’ suffering and death

Children's Stations of the Cross 2021

Craft Activity

Making hot cross buns with Mary Berry (BBC Good Food)

You might also like to print off a recipe for traditional Hot Cross Buns

Alternative Activities

  • As a family, watch this year’s Children’s Stations of the Cross, presented by some of our parish confirmation group
  • Go on a prayer walk with your family, thanking God for everything he has given you
  • Stick a cross in your window, as a witness to others
  • And, for those who enjoy their artwork, check out this activity for some Oil Pastel Cross Art
  • Write a prayer list of those you know who are suffering and particularly need to know the deep love of Jesus for them

Good Friday Reflection, with Selected Stations

Presented by Isobel Wright and with an accompanying handout to print off and complete

A Prayer to Say

Into your hands, Lord, I give my Spirit

Dear Lord,

Today you went through great suffering for me. You accepted to suffer willingly in order to complete God’s amazing rescue plan.

When things are tough in my life, help me to remember that you understand what I am going through and that you are with me.

On this day, let me take time to be with you. Help me to say sorry for my sins.

I may never understand the greatness of the sacrifice you made, but I love you.

Thank you for dying for me.



Songs for Today

Lord, by your Cross

is by British-based collective CJM Music, with music by Chris Rolinson.


It has some very simple lyrics:

Lord, by your cross and resurrection

You set us free, you set us free (x2)

You are the Saviour, the Saviour, the Saviour of the world (x2)

Saviour of the world.

Song of the Cross

is by Susan HooKong -Taylor and Ana Da Costa.


Do join in with the chorus….

Love, lifted on the cross for me

My Lord, my God, my salvation.

Love, lifted high to set me free,

My Lord, my God, my salvation.