Holy Monday: What is it all about?

On Monday of Holy Week, let us think about love;

the love we have for Jesus and the love he has for us…

In today’s Gospel, we hear the famous story of Mary coming to Jesus to pour expensive perfumed oil on the feet of Jesus and dry them with her hair. This was a real act of devotion because Mary holds nothing back – she uses only the best oil. It shows us that she gives her all to Jesus.

Yet, many people disapproved, because it seemed like such a waste. Did you know that there is a lot of symbolism here? Oil like this was usually used to anoint a dead body and so, in a way, this act is a reminder that Jesus will die. It is also an act of great love, just as Jesus’s death will be an act of great love, where Jesus gives us everything – even his very life.

Today, let us be still. Let us take some time to think about the great act of love that Jesus will go through this week. Let us think about how we can show love to those we meet. We can never give too much of our love. Like Mary, let us give of our best today…

You can read today’s Gospel Story in John 12: 1-11

Craft Activity

Stained Glass Window Cross by Tiffany Roberts

This craft is a wonderful witness of what we believe to our neighbours during Holy Week.

For ideas of what materials to use to achieve this craft, see this explanation on the Catholic Icing website.

Alternative Craft Activity

An alternative window craft is to create an Easter Garden in Silhouette.

Use black card and cut out silhouettes of an Easter scene to decorate your window. You could cut out a tomb shape, a mountain side, flowers, three crosses and some women at the tomb to help create your scene. Maybe you can have the tomb closed until Easter Sunday, when you can have it open. You could also add some colour to your scene or your Alleluias to show Jesus is risen.

A Prayer to Say

She anointed the feet of Jesus and dried them with her hair…

Dear Lord,

Help us to love each other.

Help us to love deeply and to share generously.

Help us to think about the love you showed in your life.

May we be thankful for the many ways you teach us to love.

May we stay close to you this week and try to love as you do.


A Song for Today

Be Still by David Evans