Holy Saturday: What is it all about?

Holy Saturday marks a time of waiting and preparation.

It is an interesting day because it links the sadness of crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday with his joyful resurrection of Easter Sunday. Today, the sorrow of Jesus dying is replaced by a quiet hope. Today is a day to imagine you are waiting at the tomb with Jesus. We are told that today “all creation holds its breath”. There is a stillness about this day.

Waiting can feel frustrating, can’t it? I’m sure you can all think of how fidgety or impatient you feel when you are waiting for something you want – well, here on Holy Saturday, we are waiting for something truly amazing to happen and they say the best things come to those who wait!

So today is a good day to spend some special time together as a family. Give time to say prayers together or maybe work together to make some preparations for Easter Sunday as a family. Go on a creation walk and see how many things you can find that show signs of springtime. You could use them to decorate your house, as you prepare for the joy of Easter Sunday.

You can find the story of Jesus being laid in the tomb in John 19: 38-42 or Matthew 27: 57-61

Craft Activity

Making a Paschal Candle with N.E.T. Catholic

After a day of waiting, at the end of Holy Saturday we celebrate at church – late at night – the Easter Vigil.

A Vigil is a time of keeping awake when you would normally sleep to wait and to be attentive to something. In this case, Christians stay awake to listen to and think about the stories of God’s rescue plan for his people and to prepare ourselves for Jesus’ resurrection.

One of the main things we do at the Mass is we light a new candle, called the Paschal Candle, which symbolises the light of Jesus. we do this with the church in darkness. From that main candle, everyone in the church lights a smaller candle of their own until the church is ablaze with light!

Because we cannot gather as usual this year, you may like to make your own Paschal Candle, using the video below for ideas. The video was made during last year’s lockdown, so just remember to change the date on your candle to 2021!

If you would like to watch some of the Vigil Mass

with your family,

it will be live-streamed at 8:00 pm

on Saturday 3 April

A Prayer to Say

He took the body of Jesus and placed it in his own new tomb…

Dear Lord,

Today you were in the tomb – in the darkness and the silence.

Help me to wait with you today.

But help me to wait with hope, not with sadness.

Help me to show patience towards my family.

Help me to be loving in my actions.

May everything I do shine a light for you!



A Song for Today

Christ be our Light by Bernadette Farrell