Holy Tuesday: What is it all about?

Tuesday of Holy Week is when Jesus predicts his death

and we focus on what it means to follow him.

In the Gospel at Mass today, we are given a little preview into Jesus predicting what would happen to him. Though he was fully human, Jesus was also fully God and knew what would happen. He predicted both Judas’ betrayal (which we will think about a bit more tomorrow) and Peter’s denial. He also tells the disciples that he “will be glorified”. The disciples don’t really understand that for Jesus to be glorified, he must first suffer and die.

Jesus tells the disciples he will not be with them much longer and tries to prepare them for what will take place. Even then, Peter insists he will continue to follow Jesus.

As we know, Peter did deny Jesus when the time came for him to stand up to others as a follower of his. Maybe we can think of a time where we didn’t stand up for something? Sometimes, following Jesus means being brave to stay close to him, even when things get tough. When we stay close to Jesus in all we do, even in the hard times, we will see his glory!

Let us ask Jesus today for the courage to follow him!

This video is not directly from today’s Gospel, but it reminds us of when Jesus explained the right way we should live in order to follow him. It also reminds us of some of the wonderful miracles Jesus performed during his adult life.

You can read today’s Gospel of Jesus predicting his death in

John 13: 31-33 & 36-38

Craft Activity

Decorating Easter Eggs with English Heritage

Alternative Craft Activity

There are a number of other ways, without using dye, to decorate eggs.

The Catholic Icing website offers a watercolour marker option or you could just use marker pens.

Here is another egg decorating idea for you to do in preparation of Easter…

Have you ever learnt how to blow eggs? These can be easily decorated, so that you can make an Easter tree. This is a wonderfully visual reminder of the new life that is brought about by Jesus at Easter and would make a stunning centrepiece in your home. Watch the video below.

A Prayer to Say

Little children, I shall be with you only a little longer…

Dear Lord,

Help me to follow you.

As I prepare for Easter this week, help me follow you by my actions, my thoughtfulness, my kindness and my generosity.

I pray for those people who do not know you. May they come to know you better through my example of love.


A Song for Today

Step by Step by Rich Mullins