Palm Sunday: What is it all about?

Palm Sunday is the day that begins Holy Week.


During Mass on Palm Sunday, we would normally listen to the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and have a palm procession – either in the church or from another location to the church itself, whilst singing “Hosanna” – just like the people who witnessed it at the time of Jesus.

We would also hear a long Gospel reading called the “Passion”, which is a word to describe the suffering and death of Jesus. We start from the Last Supper and read right through to when Jesus is laid in the tomb. This helps us to prepare for this very special and solemn week, when we journey with Jesus to try to understand and appreciate all that he went through for us.

You can find the story of Palm Sunday in Mark 11: 1-10

Craft Activity

Making a Palm Cross, presented by Sam Jackson

A Prayer to Say

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord…


Dear Lord,

On this Palm Sunday, may we remember to always be ready

to praise you as our king, just like the crowds did.

Let us keep the growth from this Lent

in our hearts and in our minds,

so that – during the week ahead – we continue to move

closer to you through all we do.

A Song for Today

Hosanna by Carl Tuttle