Chapter 11: To love and to serve

This chapter concentrates on getting the children to think about their sponsors and to say thank you to those who have been praying for them during their preparation. It looks at the command given to people at the end of Mass to go out to love and serve the Lord when the priest says, “Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life” and we say, “Thanks be to God”.

In that short exchange, we are accepting a mission to take the graces and blessings received during Mass out, into our world and into our daily lives – to be the hands and the feet of Jesus in everything we do.

As there is only one chapter, there is also a chance to focus on re-capping our child’s understanding of the Mass, the responses and the keywords and to finish off any gaps in their special “I Belong” book.

Remember to do the online quiz (one for each chapter) – reading through the chapter and completing the quiz are the two things that must be completed, everything else is optional and there to support you if required.

Some questions to ask

Most of these are open ended and should be used to help your child explore these ideas/their feelings:

Q. What simple direction are we given at the end of Mass?
A. To “Go in peace”

Q. What did Jesus do when his disciples went fishing?
A. Jesus helped them catch a huge number of fish. He shared a meal with them and invited them to feed others (“feed my lambs and sheep” – the poor and the helpless).

Q. What does it mean for us to be Jesus’ hands and feet?
A. Allow your child to just give their own thoughts as to what the answer could be. They might make the link with Mass, that they have received strength from Jesus, which they should now pass onto others or that it is important to live as Jesus taught us and to show others that they are loved.

The Readings

Old Testament Reading:

The Promised Land

When the people of God settled in the Promised Land, they found it wonderful after the desert, there was plenty to eat and drink for everyone. The video below shows how God used Joshua to fulfil his promise of a better place to live for the people.

New Testament Reading:

The huge catch of fish

This story is a model of the Eucharist. Christ feeds us and asks us to do likewise – “feed my lambs and sheep”. If we are fed spiritually by accepting Jesus into our lives, we must go and feed others.

Suggested Activities

After you have gone through the chapter and completed the quiz you may consider doing some of the following:

  • Go through the prayers and the meaning of key words – all are at the back of the I Belong book.
  • Find out about inspirational people who have who have really helped other people e.g. Mother Teresa.
  • Talk about how each member of the family could show kindness to another family member.
  • Check if your child understands why they are making their First Holy Communion and the celebration you will have a family.

Colouring Page

Download the colouring page by clicking on it.


Your child has now completed the FHC Programme. We hope you have found the online resources helpful and that you feel that your child is now better prepared to receive both First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

As you wait for the big day, now  is a good time to get your child more familiar with the Mass. The video on the right is from and it explains the Mass in a language children understand. It is about 30 minutes long but we hope that you will go through at least parts of it with your child so that when they receive their First Holy Communion, they have a fuller understanding of the significance of the event.

Remember, the online FHC programme may now be over, but do watch out for emails from the FHC team with details of activities that we will be happening between now and  October. Also, do not hesitate to contact us with any queries as we’ll always be delighted to help!