If you are anything like me, you will be missing music big time at present! It is wonderful that we have live-stream masses in our parish of Bishop’s Stortford, as well as the opportunity to come to mass in person – even though we are very limited in our capacity. But not being able to sing in our praise of God leaves a gap. The 9am musicians have done a fantastic job to fill that gap, and keep the musical traditions in the parish alive, through their Sunday morning “Zoom Masses” and we have enjoyed some musical moments from a number of our dedicated singers and musicians when the church has been empty. Music is certainly something that can lift our worship to a higher level. So, during Lent, we are keen to help you to use the gift of music in your prayer time, even when we find ourselves still separated …

The creative collective known as “The Vigil Project” are a group of musicians dedicated to using their craft to encourage devotional prayer as a means of growing in our relationship with Christ.

The concept was born out of a desire to help Catholics use music as part of their prayer time. The video on this page explains their aims and you can also read about their mission.

Each week of Lent, we will be posting musical reflections from the Vigil Project below, which are designed to take us on a journey through Lent and Easter. So, do look out for updates. We hope it blesses you.

Bringing Music Back to Our Worship

“Music opens our hearts to experience God’s love and moves us to new depths of devotion”

The Reflections

The reflections will appear here as they are posted.