Living as a Catholic Teen

Being a teenager is an exciting phase of life! As you grow in maturity and think about your place in the world, don’t be afraid to discover your identity as a follower of Jesus.

There are lots of opportunities here to tap into, to explore how faith can actually make a positive impact and be a part of the way you live your life in general…

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Paul J Kim

Paul J Kim is a gifted musician and inspiring speaker, with a heart for young people.

He has a desire to make an impact by communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in a fresh way

The Southwark Catholic Youth – Christ is Alive

A series of 5 videos, looking at Pope Francis’ message for young people called “Christus Vivit – Christ is Alive” These videos will allow you to think about what’s really important to you and to stay spiritually healthy. You are not the future of the Church – you are the Church’s present and you matter!

Deacon Liam Lynch, Chaplain of a Hertfordshire secondary school, uses social media to further the Gospel and to help you understand your worth in God’s eyes.

Through the Chaplaincy YouTube channel, he shares times of prayer and reflection on scripture readings, as well as sharing thoughts on various aspects of the Catholic faith.

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Catholicism: The Basics

This section will allow you to explore different aspects of the Catholic faith

Prayer and Reflection

Got a few spare minutes? Why not take some time to connect with God?

Social Justice

Here's where you can explore relevant social issues and see where we can make a difference

General Teen Resources

A diverse collection of recommended resources for you to browse through

Inspiring People

Need a bit of motivation? Here you'll find stories to inspire, challenge and encourage you...

Catholic Life

Topics we face every day and how our Catholic faith can help and guide us

Youth Events

Some local, national and international youth events for you to participate in…