Websites for Young Catholic Adults

You may well find some of the resources in the “teens” section helpful – here are some others we feel are more appropriate for an older age group.

Ascension Presents
Ascension Presents seek to present the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith through media and to answer the longings of the human heart with the transformative power of the Gospel. Short and inspiring clips are presented by some of the best catholic speakers out there:
Pints with Aquinas
Matt Fradd is a young Australian whose podcast covers lots of really relevant and current affairs topics. Named after the great thinker, St Thomas Aquinas, whom he has studied in depth, these episodes – though long – are very engaging and full of wisdom, thanks  to his deep faith and sense of humour.
EUK Mamie Foundation – HM Television
EUK Mamie is a non-profit organisation of Spanish origin whose purpose is to use social media to contribute to the formation of the people, especially in its cultural, social and religious aspects, and to spread the Gospel message. They produce several TV series.
FRG Ministry
Fr Rob is a young priest of Maltese origin who has a wonderful way of connecting with people and sharing faith. Through FRG Ministry, he provides access to quick and thought-provoking videos exploring faith, music videos, online Mass and online courses (paid for but are excellent in content).
Eden Invitation
An American-based organisation that encourage and support young people dealing with same-sex attraction to live out a life of holiness, in line with Church teaching. Their website is a good landing point for young people who wish to live out their Catholic faith, whilst acknowledging their attraction.
Avera Maria Santo
A wonderful young lady who has become an inspiring advocate to those who have questions about same-sex attraction, as well as journeying in a compassionate way with those who experience same-sex attraction. She regularly talks about being a practising Catholic with same-sex attraction.
Real Life Catholic
A website by Chris Stefanick, an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and TV host who has devoted his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious faith. With engaging resources, the website helps you discover the answers to life’s questions when you wrestle with them in faith. are a team of people who create experiences with one goal in mind: to help people grow in relationship with Jesus and each other. They create an endless stream of ideas, lessons, events, and service opportunities for the ever-transforming world of church ministry.
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers is an American permanent deacon in the Church who is a gifted speaker and motivator. He is committed to sharing the heart of the Christian faith in humility, charity, and respect drawing upon the vast diversity of riches found in the Catholic heritage.
Chastity Project
The Chastity Project has a superb collection of videos and stories of people who have found freedom in living a life of purity. It gives encouragement to young adults to stick to a path that is life-giving when it comes to relationships – there is lots of inspiration in these pages!

Events for Young Adults

The Christian Heritage Centre are running a short, summer course on Faith & Reason: A Catholic Integration, taking place from 5-8 August 2021.

Two excellent and experienced tutors will be facilitating the course and there will be time for plenty of discussion, social time and prayer. The programme is a residential experience, which takes place all on-site in the beautiful Stonyhurst estate, which is only 2 hours and 10 minutes on the train from London.
This course is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith. Young adults may find it particularly informative, as would any teachers or catechists in our parish who find themselves fielding commonly-asked questions about Catholicism. Or you may feel you will simply benefit from some time away, after a challenging year, and are keen to develop your own personal knowledge and understanding of our beliefs.
Go to the Christian Heritage Centre webpage for more information about the course, or to send a message or an expression of interest.