Websites for Teenage Catholics

Here, we make recommendations of some of the great resources out there that you may find of benefit.

Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry
Our very own diocese has a useful page where they highlight up-coming events and also have sections for posts on a variety of topics. As well as checking out the latest events, make sure you dive into the ‘resources’ and ‘discover’ sections of the website. They also have a Facebook page.
The Chaplaincy
Deacon Liam Lynch has a heart to use social media to further the Gospel, to make an impact in young people’s live and to help you understand your worth in God’s eyes. Through the Chaplaincy, he shares times of prayer and reflection on scripture readings, as well as offering interesting reflections on various aspects of the Catholic faith.
Paul J Kim
Paul J Kim is an American, of Korean Catholic origin, who is gifted both musically and produces thought-provoking music videos. He is also a busy and inspiring speaker at Catholic conferences for teens and young adults. As well as a website he has YouTube channel with videos on music and faith and keynote speeches..
Life Teen
Life Teen – an organisation with a focus on young Catholics. Their mission is to lead teens to Christ using the influence of social media. They share new videos on Wednesdays and they host a live-streamed digital small group called Lecito Live also on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm EST. They are also on Twitter and Instagram.
The Fr Mike Schmitz Podcast
Not more than 10 minutes long each, these audio reflections by one of the Church’s most brilliant and eloquent priests, vary from the light-hearted to the more in-depth. Tackling topics from “inspiration to stop complaining” to “it is OK to stay the night?”, Fr Mike helps young people find a fresh perspective on all aspects of the faith:
Breaking In the Habit
Casey Cole OFM is young American Franciscan friar, Catholic priest, writer, and blogger. He offers personal reflections in the Franciscan spirit and explanations from a Catholic perspective for those who want to become better disciples of Christ and discern their vocation. His upbeat videos appeal to young people.
Catholic Teen Life
This American Catholic teenager has created her own blog, directed at fellow teens, in order to share her faith. She is passionate about the pro-life movement, evangelising (sharing the faith), apologetics (defending the faith), and pretty much everything about Catholicism. Her blog includes interviews and reflections.
Catholic Teen Books
Here is a site that gives recommendations of the best Catholic authors for teenagers out there. It was created to offer a variety of faith-filled teen fiction all in one place. Books have a link to Amazon or Kindle to buy or download (you just need to remember to change the settings to the UK version of Amazon).
Catholic Teens
Today’s Catholic teens are hungry for finding meaning and direction in their lives. These well written and timely articles by Loyola Press can help as they bring the Good News of Jesus to Catholic teens without being preachy. Topics include making moral choices, religious art, the sacraments, Scripture background and social justice.
Fr Pascal Uche's journey to the priesthood
Fr Pascal Uche holds a very unique position – he is one of only a handful of “homegrown” black Catholic priests in the UK today. Ordained in August 2020, Fr Pascal provides a breath of fresh air and a great role model for young Catholics who do not always feel represented in the Catholic church.

Other Links

  • Kenelm Youth Trust (Archdiocese of Birmingham): This is another good source of links and ideas for prayer and faith from the Birmingham Diocese
  • SPEC – The Diocese of Westminster’s own Residential and Day Retreat Centre –
    SPEC has an Instagram account, where they will be keeping us up-to-date with their latest offerings.
  • Ever thought about your place in life? Want to find your calling? The National Office for Vocation will help you to explore your vocation. The Diocese of Lancaster also has a nice section to help you find your calling